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We’re honored to have helped so many patients in the Milwaukee area achieve better health.

Looking for an alternative to conventional modern medicine? Integrative family medicine specialists offer complementary traditional and alternative therapies tailored to each patient.

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This clinic has changed my life!

I no longer worry about diverticulitis, hot flashes, acne or TMJ! Dr. Nickels visits are not only fun but more importantly educational! She has such an amazing way to make sense of any symptom and has a natural cure!

Dr. English was the first provider in over 25 years that was able to treat my TMJ pain... it's gone! No mouth piece or apparatus just GREAT chiropractic work - very compassionate and educational! The staff at Integrative are always friendly and care about their patients.

I am beyond blessed that I found this clinic.

Posted by Jean Blake

I followed the weight loss program with the oversight of Dr. Nickels and Dr. Simms. I was amazed at how the cravings and hunger disappeared. Even though I wasn’t eating much on the program I could be around others without uncontrollable cravings or feelings of deprivation. And I had energy!

On other programs (I’m Lifetime Member!) I always got headaches, had no energy and always felt hungry and therefore deprived. I also didn’t develop a haggard, gaunt look in my face. People said I looked 10 years younger. I recently went to a conference and people wondered who the new blond companion was with my husband!

My life has been dramatically changed. I still have another 60 or so pounds to lose but I’m taking a break for a while to get used to this new size. I recently had the stamina to clean the garage for 7 hours straight. Before I could hardly stand in the shower or walk from the parking lot to my desk.

This program not only seems to melt the fat off but also put it back where it should be. Now this seems weird but it’s true for me. Much of my standing/walking pain was related to heel spurs. I couldn’t bear to stand barefoot. It felt like my heel bone was directly on the floor. After 3 weeks on the program my heel pain dramatically decreased. This was more than just weighing less. My heel pads seemed to come back. This was a huge quality of life change for me.

For the last 5 years I was restricted to one style of sturdy shoe that was all padded up inside. It didn’t matter if I was going to a picnic or wedding – I had one pair to wear. Social actives and invitations were dependent on the amount of walking or standing involved.

I can now consider a trip to the mall and look at other shoes. I recently was able to wear a pair of wedge sandals to a dinner party and now we are starting up with dance lessons.

Thank you Dr. Nickels and Dr. Simms for giving me back a life worth living.

Posted by Heather Miller

I was referred to the clinic by my friend's wife. I saw Laura Davis, NP, for interstitial cystitis. How my health was handled was very different from the other health care professionals I have seen in the past. She took the time to listen and explain what was going on in my body. After 1 month of doing dietary changes and nutritional supplements, my flares of IC have been reduced from 5 per week to 4 times in 1 month!

Posted by John G.

I am a patient of Dr. Nickels and she suggested I see the Integrative Nutritionist, Lisa G. for my leg swelling. I was hesitant, as I was not ready to commit to extreme dietary changes. Not only was Lisa knowledgeable, and very educational, she was able to develop a dietary lifestyle to meet my needs, was realistic, and rid me of my swelling... within DAYS!!!!!!!! I love Lisa G.!

Posted by ST

I came to see Dr. Nickels for significant hair loss. I tried every medical treatment without success. Dr. Nickels took the time to listen to my story, figured out what was causing the hair loss, and 1 month later, my hair loss is gone and is growing back thicker! Integrative medicine REALLY WORKS!

Posted by TJ

I cannot say enough about how much we love Integrated Family Wellness and in particular Jen McCommons! She never makes us feel like she is rushing us through the process, takes the time to get to know all of us and our lifestyles so that she can give us accurate advice on how to be healthy. Our 10-year-old and 6-year-old love her! She's just a wonderful professional with a warm smile. We are so blessed to have found you.

Posted by Wendi Lombardo

I suffered from one of the worst cases of acid reflux Froedert had seen. I was taking 3 Prilosec and 2 Zantac a day just to keep the symptoms under control.... in the meantime damaging my liver. This was prescribed by my primary care physician, and I took it for 6 years straight. I was misdiagnosed for many years before too... they said it was fibromyalgia.

I was sleep deprived from the symptoms I had when I laid down. When my wife met Dr. English she suggested I go see Dr. Nickels... it was scary at first to go off all the medicine my OLD primary prescribed, but when I did it changed my life. I no longer take any medicine and have no symptoms!

If I eat the wrong thing Dr. Nickels has taught me how to manage any symptoms with my supplements on my own! It's an amazing feeling not to fear eating anymore!

This clinic has changed my outlook on healthcare.... Naturopathy is the only way to go!

Posted by John Sneed

I can honestly say that Lisa has saved me from decades due to the complications of diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 60. My A1c was 10.5. I was told by my medical professionals to follow the ADA guidelines and take my oral medicine. The doctors told me I would probably end up using insulin. I was overweight, 200 pounds but I felt I didn’t eat that badly. I exercised 3-4 times a week. I knew this is not the way I wanted to live my life.

Four months after meeting Lisa I am now 165 pounds, my A1c is 5.0 and I only need to take only ½ of my original prescribed medications. My doctors are astounded. Lisa’s philosophy is contrary to everything I was reading from the ADA, and I was skeptical at first. However it quickly became apparent that following the ADA guidelines was not working for me.

Lisa’s straight forward, no nonsense advice proved to be the key to my success. She explained what I had believed to be true over the years regarding food had actually led me to my current condition. Her easy going approach and easy to follow directions made all the difference in the world. She lives her motto. “Keep it real. Keep it simple.” And you will also.

If you are in need of a registered dietitian look no further… you have found a great one!

Posted by Alan J. Katz

Dr. Nickels and Lisa G. have definitely been a great asset in helping me to determine the causes of my health issues. Through recommended supplements and a no-nonsense eating plan, I am on my way to feeling better every day. I'm looking forward to feeling my best and am anxious to start every day with renewed hope.

Posted by L. Wessel

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 25. I went through traditional chemo and was not recovering well from the treatments. I saw Dr. Nickels and we did different testing looking at my immune system, vitamin levels, and hormonal levels. The focus of treatment with Dr. Nickels was to feel better and prevent further health problems. After we addressed all the abnormalities found from the testing results, I came back to see Dr. Nickels in 6 weeks feeling the best I had felt in years prior to the cancer! Thank you, Dr. Nickels!

Posted by Tanya B.

I was suffering from severe migraines which would last 24 hours about 3 times a week. I could not move my head without intense pain and nausea. I had to quit working and was afraid to socialize or travel fearing an attack, so basically my life was consumed by the migraines and I was a total wreck. I tried numerous medications and went to numerous doctors, but did not find help and eventually gave up on western medicine. I started receiving chiropractic and acupuncture on a regular basis. I am really happy I stuck with it because after about 3 months, the migraines started to taper off and then disappeared altogether! Thank you, Dr. English and Dr. Nickels!

Posted by AR

My daughter and I have had excellent results at IFWC. We were both eliminating about 30 food while she was nursing to avoid constant rashes, hives and behavior problems. We saw Jen a few times and we can now eat everything!

Posted by V.B.

I developed acute anxiety coupled with panic attacks this past year in my mid-sixties. Conventional approaches with western medicine did not work very well. Psychotherapy and limited hypnotherapy were helpful but did not eliminate the anxiety. It was still interfering with my life. While still frustrated, I was referred to IFWC by my psychotherapist. After a very thorough evaluation by Dr. Nickels, I eagerly pursued Naturopathic Therapy courses of treatment. Significant relief came quickly. My panic attacks have ceased and the anxiety is much more under control. Dr. Nickels is very skilled, caring and thorough. With only 3 months of treatment, I have been very happy with the results.

Posted by P.S.

Dear Laura,

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done and are doing for me and my children. Not many practitioners care about their patients as much as you do, you do treat them like they are your only patients (like an individual, not a number or money in your pocket).

Thank you so very much for everything. You are an excellent practitioner and person.

God bless you.

Posted by Kelley, Kyle and Jasmine

Dear Dr. Nickels,

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for our family. I want you to know we greatly appreciate the excellent care you gave Jason. He came with many health challenges and you always took time for him. I realize that this is your job, but you have always exceeded that expectation.

Posted by Julie W.

I used to spend 2 days a month in agony with migraine headaches. I took medication that did not always work and had adverse side effects. Lisa G. helped me change my diet and I am migraine free, have more energy and am feeling in balance. Thank you!

Posted by KD

Dr. Nickels brings her whole heart to everything she does. She is a wonderful practitioner and naturopathic physician, and has a warm, effective way with children and adults. I would recommend her to anyone needing the subtle work of naturopathic medicine. Her work is informed by her ability to listen deeply to one’s being and body… and should not be missed!

Posted by WD

My 1-year-old son suffered from extreme gastrointestinal discomfort that left western medical doctors stumped. Subsequently, my son had many behavioral issues and difficulty sleeping. I was referred to Jen and we began a series of treatments that definitely helped relieve the severity of his symptoms. I saw a tremendous shift and now have a happy and healthy boy!

Posted by DD

A small gesture of thanks is inadequate in comparison to all you have done for me. You have compassion and a kind heart. God has gifted you and in turn blessed me, through that gift. Thank you, Dr. Nickels, for being my doctor, and thank you for your help and encouragement.

Posted by HH

When I came in for the blood draw last week, everyone with whom I had contact was polite, cheerful and professional.

Posted by PG


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