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Occupational Therapy

OTs for Children, Adults, and Seniors in Brookfield, Milwaukee, and Surrounding Areas

Occupational therapy helps people with physical, mental, or developmental conditions improve their ability to perform everyday tasks. OT may be beneficial for children, adults, and elderly people who:

  • Are recovering from a stroke
  • Have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Have delayed development
  • Have ADHD
  • Have Down syndrome
  • Have MS

Our occupational therapists evaluate each patient’s needs. This assessment may include developmental needs, home life, and school or work environment, coordinating with the patients other doctors and health care professionals to get a complete picture.

More than Rehab

While physical therapy is focused on helping the patient regain control over a part of their body, occupational therapy is focused on helping the patient develop, regain, or maintain the skills needed for daily life and for work. From drawing to walking, occupational therapy is patient-centered and works to achieve their goals.

IFW’s occupational therapy takes this one step further and integrates a full suite of alternative treatments and holistic remedies into the recovery routine. Because occupational therapy is patient-centered, your therapist might incorporate a number of alternative treatments and activities into your therapy, such as yoga therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, aromatherapy, meditation or other homeopathic treatments depending on your specific needs.

Occupational Therapists Working to Achieve Your Goals, Your Way

Occupational therapy gives you the opportunity to achieve your recovery goals on your time. We will develop a unique treatment plan to fit your unique needs. Achieve your goals in a natural, healthy, holistic, therapeutic way as you recover physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Contact our Brookfield holistic occupational therapists to learn more and make an appointment.
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